A Brief Discussion on the Development Opportunities in the Industry from the Characteristics of the

Issuing time:2017-02-17 11:13

The gift industry is a relatively new industry in China. With the development of reform and opening up, competition among industries is becoming increasingly fierce. Companies adopt various promotional methods to attract customers, and gifts play a significant role in this. As the pace of the WTO accelerates, some large foreign companies have entered the domestic market, bringing new marketing and management models, prompting domestic companies to accelerate their pace of competition. The gift industry currently has the following characteristics:

1. There are many small companies

Due to the low barriers to entry and relatively low costs of the gift industry, it is possible to operate with just a few people, so there are many small companies involved in the gift industry.

2. Most gift companies are essentially trading companies

Most gift companies provide products to users through suppliers based on customer needs. After a product is produced, it may be transferred several times before reaching the end customer, which invisibly increases the cost.

3. The market competition is fierce

Since there are many small companies in the gift industry, they compete with each other by lowering prices to attract customers, creating a vicious cycle of low prices and low quality, making the competition in the gift industry even more fierce.

4. The gift industry has a very wide range of product categories

It is no exaggeration to say that almost all products can be given as gifts. Big, small, high-end, low-end, in all aspects, the coverage is very broad.

5. Product launches demand novelty, oddity, and speed

Gifts are given to others and need to attract and arouse curiosity, so products must be distinctive and updated quickly to seize the market before competitors.

6. The industry operates irregularly

Since there are no formal industry norms for the gift industry yet, there will be many irregular business practices during operation.

In Shenzhen, there are many family workshop-style enterprises, and the market competition is extremely fierce. To survive, they must find unique paths and rely on their unique competitiveness to gain a foothold. Enterprises are not only surviving but also growing and developing. Small enterprises should take a specialized and unique development path to form their competitive advantages. In Shenzhen, various gift companies are advancing together, and without unique development ideas and a group of dedicated partners, it is difficult to make a significant impact in the industry.

The gift industry must shift from a narrow self-governing and mutually restrictive state to a path of division of labor and cooperation and specialization, and joint efforts. We need to develop detailed and diversified marketing channels, update marketing concepts, and traditional wholesale and agency need further improvement and scientific management. Combine with other industries, integrate marketing, and bring together as many manufacturers and suppliers' advantages as possible through a wide range of marketing channels to occupy market share.

The speed of market demand changes is also getting faster, leading to rapid changes in the production of gift manufacturers. Therefore, those who can quickly launch products will be able to preempt the market and win customers. In traditional enterprises, the entire production and circulation cycle is very long, which not only means an inability to respond quickly to the market but also means a large occupation of resources throughout the cycle. By using information technology, both rapid market demand satisfaction and reduction of time costs can be achieved.

Gift suppliers' production should be centered around market demand, and the products (services for intermediaries) produced should be taken to the market to realize their commercial value. Without the market, there is no reason for the existence of enterprises, so information related to the market is related to the life and death of enterprises. Using information technology to establish close contacts with distributors, retailers, and ultimate consumers shortens the distance between production and sales and quickly captures changes in market demand. This new relationship between enterprises and the market established by information technology is a new field for the rapid development of the gift industry.

Any enterprise that wants to maximize profits must be at the forefront of the industry. To see the trend of enterprise development is to seize the opportunity and quickly occupy the market. Who will seize the opportunity to create an informationized enterprise in the gift industry? Currently in the gift industry, "China Gift Network" is doing relatively well in this regard. Not only has it realized information flow management within the enterprise, but it is also preparing to carry out diversified e-commerce in aspects such as websites, software, and marketing, to build a leading information platform in the gift industry. We hope to find new highlights for industry development from these gift pioneers.

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