How should consumers choose high-quality plush toy dolls?

Issuing time:2019-10-30 10:14

As people's living conditions improve, the pursuit of spiritual satisfaction also increases, and customized plush toys have become particularly beloved by single women. The cute shapes and endearing expressions of plush toys are especially popular with girls. So, how can you choose a plush toy that satisfies you?

Firstly, you need to determine your desires and the setting for the toy, such as whether you want it for cuddling during sleep, warming your hands, or as room decor. How then can we choose the quality of plush toys?

1. First, feel the toy with your hands. Pure PP cotton should feel as soft as a down jacket, soft and uniform without any foreign or hard objects felt. If you press any part of the toy, your hands should come together without feeling anything inside except the uniformly soft cotton. Poor quality stuffing will feel lumpy, and you might feel foreign objects inside. If you open the zipper on the back, pure PP cotton should be the same quality inside as it is at the zipper opening. Inferior cotton, often referred to as "black heart cotton," will only have a layer of good cotton at the zipper, and when you reach inside, you'll find it's filled with leftover fabric scraps, threads, packing string, and even nails from boxes basically trash from the factory floor, which is often purchased by weight for a low price.

2. This is the simplest method: ask the seller directly if the toy is filled entirely with PP cotton and mention that you will check it thoroughly upon receipt and will return it if it's not as promised. Sellers of inferior products will often make excuses or refuse to sell to avoid returns. This way, you can reject these inferior toys before purchase.

3. You can also discern quality through the toy's appearance or smell.

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